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Buayan: A Story of Serendipity

Ulu Papar Bio-cultural Heritage Centre

Just recently, the Dissolva team visited Buayan again to continue their volunteer work constructing the Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre and it is with great pleasure to reveal that the project that was initiated two years ago is finally completed! It was lovely that Arkitrek was given another opportunity to collaborate with the Dissolva again. The 10 day programme that consisted of workshops, presentations and building work with the group went smoothly and resulted in satisfactory completion of the Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre.

The Fig Tree @ Kiulu Eco-Lodge

A cool river in Kiulu

Photos by Arkitrek and Borneo Eco Tours Another milestone for ecotourism in Sabah is celebrated with the completion of ‘The Fig Tree’ @ Kiulu Farmstay, designed and built by a team of architect students in just two months. The community based ecotourism project is tucked in a perfect clearing in the jungle that is overlooking […]

The Gathering Place

View from the top of Bukit Gumantung

Bukit Gumantung is the highest hill in the northern region of Kudat, Sabah with 350 to 400 hectors of primary rainforests blanketing its landscape. The Rungus tribes residing at its foothills which are made up of 10 villages have formed a committee to become caretakers for the conservation of Bukit Gumantung.

Arkitrek Handbook 2014 Download Avaliable

Arkitrek Handbook_Page_024_Image_0002

Arkitrek’s Camps are a learning experience for everyone. During three months of intense designing and building, the Arkitrekkers leave having made many mistakes, even more successes and a huge body of knowledge about sustainable construction. The only problem is they often leave without sharing these lessons with the next set of Arkitrekkers. So last year […]

Arkitrek Leach Field

NSlider Nanga Sumpa Leach Field

Open source design drawing for a leach field as part of a sewage treatment system.