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Arkitrek Blog

Ulu Papar Sustainable Livelihoods Programme

Ulu Papar Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre

Arkitrek programme to support sustainable livelihoods based on traditional skills and knowledge in Ulu Papar. Join our bamboo weave masterclasses, work with natural building materials & learn about sustainable design.

Kate Neilsen Blog

Arkitrek Intern, Kate Neilsen, in her site office at the SAFE Project, Kalabakan, Sabah.

Arkitrek intern, Kate Neilsen reflects on her 6-months spent designing and building with communities and in the rainforest of Borneo.

Arkitrek Guide to Working for Free

Would you like to know how to piss off your clients, lower the esteem of your company and ensure that your staff don’t stick around? Try working for free. Working for free can bite you on the bum, but like many animals with sharp teeth it can also give you a warm fluffy feeling. Here’s our guide to avoiding the teeth, learned painfully.

Hunting with the Dusun

Kg. Buayan Panorama, Crocker Range, Sabah

Hunting with the Dusun – a modern tale of an old-fashioned adventure. Thomas Henderson-Schwartz reflects on a crowning experience of his 8-month internship with Arkitrek: going wild boar hunting and snaring himself a poignant memory of the rainforest.

How to wipe your arse with your left hand

Squat toilet with bucket and scoop to wash your bum

Last week I wrote about capitalism, sustainability and holistic design. This week I’m writing about shit. More specifically: demystifying the process of wiping your arse with your left hand.