Arkitrek Camp

Arkitrek Camp is a design/build school based on peer-learning, consensus and sustainability. We have been running design/build educational programmes since 2011 and to date have provided hands-on learning opportunities for over 100 architecture students and career-break professionals and delivered more than 10 innovative and beautiful buildings for environmental and social organisations.

We use design as a tool to explore environmental stewardship and social responsibility, combining the passion of young design students from across the globe with experienced facilitators and the oversight of an innovative professional practice.

Set in the enchanting rainforests and exotic coral islands of Borneo, the Arkitrek Design/Build programme is an exciting new look at architectural education. Participants, or Arkitrekkers, are immersed in diverse tropical environments and asked to design and build beautiful, practical and sustainable buildings.

Why Arkitrek Camp?

Arkitrek is guaranteed to broaden work/life experience and consequently to strengthen a professional CV and portfolio. Arkitrek is a leg-up onto the tough architectural career ladder. It provides placement experience, international experience, increased understanding of the design process and an enhanced and intimate understanding of the construction process. Participants will experience their design becoming reality.

Arkitrek isn’t all about architecture. It is also an adventure. Each camp is in a unique environment and every day has a new story: Whether it be about meeting orang-utans or sea turtles, learning practical skills from ‘village engineers’ or crossing cultural barriers through living and working together. Arkitrekkers will be pushed out of their comfort zone and be inspired to use design for the benefit of people and environment.


-To give high quality design services to environmental, social and community organisations
-To create a truly peer-led, design centred learning experience with great facilitation

Previous Arkitrek design/build programmes

Arkitrek Buayan 2013
Arkitrek S.A.F.E 2013
Arkitrek Serasa 2012
Arkitrek Malua 2012
Arkitrek Camp2 2012
Arkitrek Camp1 2011

Arkitrek Camp2 detail