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Arkitrek offers paid Internships to a selected number of outstanding candidates. Interns must have the skills and confidence to ensure that designs are beautiful, robust and holistic, that projects are thoroughly documented, building work is advanced efficiently and that design intent is realised on site.

Positions may be site-based or office-based depending on project timelines and Interns should be prepared for either eventuality. Site-based positions are often remote with basic living conditions.

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3 months. Extensions by mutual agreement.

Roles & Responsibilities

Interns will gain a well-rounded professional experience that may include: design, documentation, site inspections, participatory design and training workshops, marketing and practice management.

During site visits interns may be given autonomy to liaise directly with client, contractor and user groups and respond to their requirements. Tasks are likely to include; construction detailing, materials procurement, construction management, inspections, reporting and volunteer group management.


Architecture, engineering and construction students and professionals with an undergraduate degree and minimum 1 year work experience either on site or in a professional office. Mature applicants with relevant experience will also be welcomed.


All work-related accommodation will be provided and a subsistence allowance of MYR850 will be paid to cover essential food costs. The Intern will be responsible for their international flights, travel insurance and immigration arrangements.

Formative Learning

All Arkitrek Internships will include structured feedback and reflection to inform the learning of both the Intern and Arkitrek. In addition to an entry and exit questionnaire, Interns will be encouraged to:
1. Record their experiences and reflections in a portfolio / sketchbook as they go along.
2. Self-select a story which captures what has been the most significant change for them from the experience.

Stories and portfolio work produced by Interns will be a valuable record of their experience and will help Arkitrek to evaluate and promote our experiential learning programmes.

Record of Experience and Reference

RIBA Part III architecture candidates can log the Internship towards their professional qualification, provided they complete the minimum three months. Every Intern will be given an employer reference and where applicable, a client reference too.


Southeast Asia has a rich natural and cultural heritage and all interns are encouraged to take extra time to explore the mountains, rainforests, beaches, oceans, food and indigenous culture.

To inquire about an Arkitrek Internship please contact us
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