Architecture In Sabah

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A new coffee table book is out on the subject of ‘Architecture in Sabah, Resorts and Hotels’. Arkitrek is very chuffed to have our work at Borneo Rainforest Lodge featured in a multiple page spread. Thanks to Author Richard Nelson Sokial for the namecheck and complimentary words and pictures. All that assiduous buttering up obviously didn’t go unnoticed.

Arriving in Sabah for the first time nearly six years ago, my first impression of the architecture was monotypic concrete shoplots and suburban houses that seemed to aspire to a 1980’s TV set from America. In a part of the world where the excruciatingly trendy bali style, magnificent temples and crumbling colonial urbanism rule the roost, it takes a while to tune into demure local culture.

Since I first met him, Richard has been eloquantly and pursuasively banging the drum for Sabah architectural heritage. He has been fervently cataloging what remains of vernacular architecture before it is lost and tirelessly teaching Sabahans to value their own building culture.

‘Architecture in Sabah, Resorts and Hotels’ is not an obvious choice of reference book for international architectural scholars. It’s strength is in celebrating what is best in Sabah and building local confidence. In this respect I think it will become a benchmark book (it’s certainly the first of its kind) and will help to encourage subjects for a follow up book.

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The best place to read about the book and other Sabah architectural heritage stories is on Richard’s own blog

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