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Arkitrek’s Camps are a learning experience for everyone. During three months of intense designing and building, the Arkitrekkers leave having made many mistakes, even more successes and a huge body of knowledge about sustainable construction. The only problem is they often leave without sharing these lessons with the next set of Arkitrekkers.

So last year the Tagul Hut design team went about writing a handbook. Within 120 pages, the handbook details everything that the design team learned during their stay with Arkitrek. The team tirelessly illustrated every page and translated the book into English and Malay. The handbook covers each stage of construction including, information on Biocrete, Bamboo and Earthbag construction.

This book is intended as an open source educational tool and we hope to increase the book’s body of knowledge during our future camps. The handbook is the starting point for the Arkitrek wiki site. (coming soon) In the meantime, if you have any information that you would like to put forward, please don’t hesitate to contact the Arkitrek team.

Download Arkitrek Handbook 2014 Here

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Great piece of free material for any DIY person. My only criticism is, that the font is barely readable, keep this in mind for the next edition…


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