Arkitrek Leach Field

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NSlider Nanga Sumpa Leach Field

The drawing below is for a leach field as part of a sewage treatment system. It is suitable for sewage treatment systems for a Population Equivalent (PE) up to 50 people. A leach field must be combined with a primary settlement tank or septic tank. A leach field is just one option for treatment of sewage effluent from a primary settlement tank.

For other options and a detailed explanation of how leach fields work in a small scale sewage treatment system, please refer to our highly popular web page In The Shit: A Septic Tank Guide

Note that a leach field may not be suitable for all sites, for example where soil is either regularly waterlogged or very well drained. Some countries may have laws governing the design and permitted locations of leach fields. Please check the regulations in your area before building a leach field.

00-A010 Arkitrek Leach Field Open Source Design Drawing

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