Arkitrek Septic Tank Design

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Arkitrek Septic Tank Open Source Design Drawing

The following drawing is for a brick septic tank, suitable for Population Equivalents (PE) up to 50 people. When calculating your PE you must take the worst case scenario i.e. the maximum number of people who will be contributing to the facility. Remember, a septic tank should always be considered as only the first stage in the sewage treatment process. For a detailed explanation of how septic tanks work in a sewage treatment system, please refer to our highly popular web page In The Shit: A Septic Tank Guide

Arkitrek Septic Tank Guide Open Source Design Drawings

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Arkitrek Septic Tank by Arkitrek is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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This is a standard design that we have developed with input from engineers and used on many of our projects. We are however architects, not engineers, and no design liability can be accepted for either Civil and Structural Engineering design or Mechanical and Chemical Engineering design i.e. that the tank will hold up, that sewage will flow and that effluent will meet a given standard. If you have any technical questions we will be happy to refer you to a friendly engineer.

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Hi from Menorca, Spain.
After a search of several days on the internet and local technical consultations, I decided to build my septic tank using your design because it seems efficient, simple and environmentally friendly.
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and work freely in the earth community.
If you give me an email I will send you some pictures of our work at home about it.
With kind regards,



    Dear Sigfrid, we’re very happy that you have found our Septic Tank information useful. Please let us know how your tank goes and send us any feedback.


Hi, i’m also developing a similar watertank for watertreatment. I’m wondering what type of inner waterresistent seal will You use in Your project?


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