Arkitrek 2014: Design Brief

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The Arkitrek 2014, June, design/build will be in the village of Kg. Meligan in Western Sabah, a community who are vested in protecting their heritage and environment. The design brief is for a ‘Tagal’ Hut.

The following brief has been drawn up through a consultation between the village of Kg. Meligan and the Avantha Foundation, Malaysia, who have been supporting the village and it’s endeavours for a number of years.

‘Tagal’ is a traditional fresh-water fish conservation method used by indigenous communities in Sabah. It divides the river into zones for fishing and zones for conservation. It also regulates the amount of fish caught. The village of Meligan and neighbouring 3 villages, in South West Sabah, introduced this practice in 2010 and now want to combine the maintenance of the river with recreational and enterprising pursuits for the village.

A hut, around 36m2, is required for Tagal management meetings, fish food preparation, tourism and sales of fish and other community products.

Feeding the Fish

A place to prepare organic fish food

In order to maintain the fish stocks without disturbing the environment the villagers make their own fish food and fertilisers. The Tagal hut will be a place to prepare and store these products.

Capacity Building

A meeting place

Each month the 4 villages meet to discuss new information and training, as well as updating management and development plans. The hut will be a focal point for these meetings to take place.

Other Activities

A place for recreation & enterprise

Sabahan culture makes an art out of relaxing. Therefore the hut has to be a good place to pass the hottest part of the day in comfort. The village would also like to introduce traditional river rafting as an activity for tourists, as well as selling locally grown vegetables, fruit and locally produced handicrafts.

For information about the application process, cost, internships and scholarships visit the Arkitrek 2014 Main Page.

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