BSBCC Enrichment Structures

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Sun Bear enrichment structures at BSBCC, Sepilok

July-August 2012. Raleigh volunteers design and build enrichment areas at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). The structures will be in the rainforest enclosures to allow the bears to climb off the often flooded ground, while providing shelter from the hot sun and enrichment games for training and play.

The project was funded and built by Raleigh International volunteers

Design facilitation and construction supervision by Arkitrek intern, Adam Leigh-Brown (left). Ng Wai Pak (right) manager of BSBCC perches at the apex of a climbing structure.

The climbing structure is built from reclaimed belian (ironwood).

Ironwood is kinda heavy. This one was reclaimed from the undergrowth at the site where previous Raleigh volunteers had built a bridge and boardwalk.

Tyres are a perennial enrichment favourite. This wall is wobbly and tough. Should keep the destructive bears occupied for a while, unless that is, they prefer to play in the mud.

The enrichment structures are designed with awkward angles and surfaces to make things difficult for the bears. Or is it just to give the arkitrekkers some outlet for willful forms?

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