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Arkitrek 2015 Highlights

Highlights of 2015! Scroll down for some major Flashbacks!! Projects The finished building of the Tinangol Kindergarten early this year. Time Capsule designed by our intern Chris for the Sabah Forestry Department is complete! The Mantanani Groundwater research is completed and results show that the level of sustainable water and water in the reservoir is […]

Michelle Martin

09 Michelle Martin

Michelle arrived as a quiet, slightly hesitant northern girl for our Arkitrek Camp1. However, her bubbly personality and infectious laugh soon made their mark. Overcoming homesickness, culture shock and the daily rice intake, she stayed on for a further 3 months and supervised the construction of the kindergarten on Mantanani. She became a highly competent […]

Andrew Lo

Andrew Lo, Inaugural Arkitrekker

Inaugural Arkitrekker Andrew Lo gets an honourable mention here for his historic participation in the original Arkitrek in 2006 and indeed for coining the word ‘arkitrek’ itself.

Billy Dunn

Billy Dunn

Billy Dunn. Architecture Graduate, University of Dundee. Worked for Arkitrek as an Architectural Intern in 2009

Seamus Shanks

Seamus Shanks

Seamus Shanks. Architecture Graduate from University of Dundee. The rainforest life isn’t for everyone, and Shamus is defiantly our most city-comfortable volunteer so far. However, he made a great contribution with his gregarious personality and willingness to work on new projects.