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Sketchbook of an Arkitrek Intern


Part II of Simon Feather’s sketchbook: recording the research, development and decisions made by the design/build team of architecture students for the Arkitrek Camp SAFE 2013…

Sketchbook of an Arkitrek Intern


Simon Feather worked with Arkitrek in 2013/ 2014, first on an Arkitrek Camp and subsequently as a site architect on the SAFE project. He kept a series of beautiful sketches, recording his perception and philosophy of design and the natural environment…

Kate Neilsen Blog

Arkitrek Intern, Kate Neilsen, in her site office at the SAFE Project, Kalabakan, Sabah.

Arkitrek intern, Kate Neilsen reflects on her 6-months spent designing and building with communities and in the rainforest of Borneo.

Arkitrek UK call for projects

Arkitrek UK Flyer black wood

Arkitrek is looking for community-based and environmental organisations that are in need of professional design services; partners for whom nature conservation and responsible use of natural resources are key values.

Arkitrek 2014: Design Brief

header brief

The Arkitrek 2014 design/build will be in Kg. Meligan, Western Sabah, a community who are vested in protecting their heritage and environment. The design brief is for a ‘Tagal’ Hut. Tagal is a traditional fresh-water fish conservation method used by indigenous communities in Sabah. A Tagal hut is required for Tagal management meetings, fish food preparation, tourism and sales of fish and other community products.