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Architecture In Sabah

A new coffee table book is out on the subject of ‘Architecture in Sabah, Resorts and Hotels’. Arkitrek is very chuffed to have our work at Borneo Rainforest Lodge featured in a multiple page spread. Thanks to Author Richard Nelson Sokial for the namecheck and complimentary words and pictures. All that assiduous buttering up obviously […]


At last I get around to reading Biomimicry and it has helped me to understand the balance between the natural and the man-made. The message of the book seems to be that we can use biomimicry to greatly improve the life-friendliness of the things we do.

Blessed Unrest

I have recently read Blessed Unrest in which the author Paul Hawken suggests that a network of ground-up activists, NGO’s and Non-profits has created the largest social movement in history. I immediately recognised that I was a part of this movement and found that the book offers an optimistic assessment of the diversity and usefulness of all involved. The book has also helped me to think about my committment to environmental causes and what motivates me.