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Bio-cultural heritage is unending

Bio-cultural Heritage Centre at Kampung Buayan, Sabah, Malaysia

What can you do in 4 years; finish a degree or perhaps send your kid to school? Gakushuin University and Arkitrek have had 4 years of developing bio-cultural heritage and cross-cultural ties in Kampung Buayan, Sabah, and still no end in sight…

Everyone seems like they have been choreographed

Japan sketch by Nurfilzah Jamjam

“Everyone seems like they have been choreographed” Nurfilzah Jamjam reflects on a knowledge exchange trip to Japan with villagers from Kg. Buayan, Sabah and hosted by the Dissolva group at Tokyo’s Gakushuin University.

Buayan: A Story of Serendipity

Ulu Papar Bio-cultural Heritage Centre

Just recently, the Dissolva team visited Buayan again to continue their volunteer work constructing the Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre and it is with great pleasure to reveal that the project that was initiated two years ago is finally completed! It was lovely that Arkitrek was given another opportunity to collaborate with the Dissolva again. The 10 day programme that consisted of workshops, presentations and building work with the group went smoothly and resulted in satisfactory completion of the Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre.

7 Lessons in (design/build) Architecture


By Thomas Henderson-Schwartz It has now been over a year since I first embarked upon the Design and Build of the bio-cultural heritage centre with the team Lewis and I had formed from Edinburgh University and Filzah. I spent a total of 8 months living in Kampung Buayan, which changed my outlook on not only […]

The Bio-Cultural Heritage building in Kg Buayan gets a toilet


The Bio-Cultural Heritage building in Ulu Papar gets a toilet, courtesy of the wonderful Dissolva Volunteers from Gakushuin University in Tokyo. And they built it themselves too!