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Bambooing in Buayan

Bambooing in Buayan

The mysteries behind making those beautiful bamboo baskets, the solid structures of bamboo slats and those sturdy bamboo furnitures was unravelled in just 5 wonderful days…

Ulu Papar Sustainable Livelihoods Programme

Ulu Papar Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre

Arkitrek programme to support sustainable livelihoods based on traditional skills and knowledge in Ulu Papar. Join our bamboo weave masterclasses, work with natural building materials & learn about sustainable design.

Hunting with the Dusun

Kg. Buayan Panorama, Crocker Range, Sabah

Hunting with the Dusun – a modern tale of an old-fashioned adventure. Thomas Henderson-Schwartz reflects on a crowning experience of his 8-month internship with Arkitrek: going wild boar hunting and snaring himself a poignant memory of the rainforest.

Ulu Papar Earthbag Masterclass

Malua Earthbag

This masterclass will teach you how to work with natural building materials: earth and bamboo to create solid sculptural walls and beautiful light-filled breezy buildings.

Ulu Papar Bamboo Masterclass


This masterclass will teach you how to select and collect bamboo and how to preserve and shape it into a unique and beautiful peice of furniture. Your masterclass will take place in Kampung Buayan: in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah in the heart of the Crocker Range national park.