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Buayan Work Week


The last month has seen significant progress on construction of the Buayan Bio-cultural Heritage Centre, helped recently by 6 Work Week volunteers from around Malaysia.

Buayan Blog

Buayan Bio-cultural Centre seed bank sketch

A team of design students from Edinburgh, UK design and build a bio-cultural centre for communities in the Ulu Papar district in Sabah. Thomas Henderson-Schwartz describes their progress so far: from recruiting a team and fund-raising to completion of the building superstructure.

Bamboo Weaving at Buayan

Buayan Biocultural Centre Woven Bamboo Building Panels

This workshop began making woven bamboo building components for a Community Bio-cultural Heritage Centre at Buayan in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah. The workshop was coordinated by Arkitrek and Global Diversity Foundation.

Buayan Recce

Community Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre

Arkitrek site recce to Kg. Buayan in the Crocker Range Sabah. We’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of a team of Arkitrekkers from Edinburgh who are going to design and build a Bio-cultural Heritage Centre in this remote village.