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Japan Trip


Text and Images by Isaac Collard Fukuoka is the capital city of Kyushu Island, South West Japan; a beautiful city where urbanism and nature combine. Fukuoka is well known for having nature everywhere: on the ground, in houses, and even as a façade. Its architecture is a great mix of different styles and materials. This […]

Nikoi Island, Indonesia

Text by Ian Hall Photos by Emran Taib, Melissa Cornejo and Ian Hall See original post on Wild Asia’s RTA blog. Responsible tourism at its best can allow us to trial a lifestyle that may counter the ecological crisis and bring us closer to nature. At Nikoi Island in Indonesia guests are separated from their […]

PJ Trade Centre

This is my new favourite monolith. KL has plenty of monoliths but most of them pretend not to be monoliths. Seen from the encircling motorways, the PJ Trade Centre presents four in-your-face slabs of dull grey concrete. The slabs look banal from a distance but something makes you do a double take.


Energy efficiency isn’t normally a consideration in building Malaysian homes, which is why it came as no surprise that the first good example I have found was built by Expats who called their home Cooltek.

The Green Connection

A mini Eden Project is nearing completion in Kota Kinabalu and it’s putting some green into aquarium design. Having being originally conceived as Aquatica KK, The Green Connection as it is now known is due to open early 2009