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Tinangol Kindergarten progress

volunteers build community kindergarten

Progress on Tinangol Kindergarten is racing ahead with the Camps International summer schools teams. Arkitrek intern Lewis Kelly from Edinburgh University is keeping it all on track. The building features coconut posts, traditional longhouse construction and innovative lime:natural fibre composite concrete.

Tadika… Ta Dah!

Kindergarten at Kg Tinangol

By Camps International Project Diary: For a while now our kindergarten at Camp Tinangol has looked like some large posts stuck in the mud and essentially that’s what it was. But during a sudden burst of pre-summer activity something much more ‘Kindy’ shaped has started to appear…

Arkitrek Camp2 Timeline

Arkitrek Camp2 design/build details

A compendium of micro-blogs revealing day-to-day progress and frustrations of the volunteer architects & engineers designing and building a bunkhouse and rainwater harvesting system on Mantanani Island.

Camp Bongkud, Ranau

Camp Bongkud, Sabah

Arkitrekkers, Nick Nearchou and Zhen Ron with two other volunteers from the United Kingdom, Holly and Annabel contributing to the Community of Kampung Bongkud. Arkitrek is helping Camps International to build a Community Hall and a Gravity Feed Water Tank for the Bongkud community

Mantanani Mission

Nick Nearchou, Arkitrek Engineering Intern

By Nicholas Nearchou: Arriving into the Arkitrek office on my first day I really had no idea of the technical challenges confronting me during my internship in Sabah. After the initial briefing I was presented with the impossible Mantanani Kindergarten construction task.