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Bonding with Gaya Street

North Borneo War Memorial

An imitation of the North Borneo War Memorial is being curated by Arkitrek as part of the “Bonding with Gaya Street” Gaya Street Community Heritage Exhibition. By the North Borneo History Enthusiasts. The exhibition will celebrate the colletive memories of Gaya Street residents through architecture, art, food, fashion, photography and more.

The Independent: Life Changing Holidays

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Whether you learn a new skill, volunteer abroad, or venture out into the unknown, make 2012 the year of meaningful travel

Green Building; Mantanani Style

Green building mantanani style

Arkitrek’s Ian Hall will be talking to the Sabah Society on 4th January about ‘Green Building; Mantanani Style’

Mantanani Kindergarten Roof Goes Up

Mantanani Kindergarten Roof Goes Up

battling severe weather, Arkitrekkers Tan Zhen Ron and Nick Nearchou oversee the successfull raising of the roof on Mantanani Kindergarten. This landmark stage in the project was enabled by volunteers from Chevaliar College, New South Wales and as always, the whole construction operation is propped up with lashings of wry humour and hard work from Albi, Hashim and Jai of Camp Mantanani

The 3 pillars of Arkitrek

Arkitrek Volunteer Jamie Ross

Arkitrek volunteer and Dundee University student, Jamie Ross, reflects on his three months on a rural construction site in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo