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The Arkitrek II

Imbak Rangers resting en-route to survey the site for the Kapur Research Station

Here I was, in the Malaysian jungle, treating the trek like a project to complete, self-conscious of my slowness, unhappy to be exhausted from the inundations of a most holy place. At least the awe of the place didn’t elude me – even if I was angry, I was angry in awe. That’s how powerful the jungle spirit is.

DVFC Sekhar Foundation Suites

Arkitrek has recently completed concept design for 6 new VIP rooms at Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC). These rooms are part of the upgrading and refurbishment work at the aging field centre which is necessitated by 20 years of operation in a harsh environment and recent expansion of rainforest research activities. Together with the new […]

New Lab for Danum Valley

As our rainforest resources dwindle, so the scientific understanding of their systems becomes more critically important. It is hoped that this knowledge can help to promote more sustainable management and conservation in the future. The Royal Society’s South East Asia Rainforest Research Program (SEARRP) has now been running at Danum Valley for over 20 years. […]

The Lost Valley of Imbak

The Lost Valley of Imbak

The pilot announced in our headphones that the boundary of the Canyon was ahead. What I could see was a forested mountainside rising to the same altitude as our aircraft and stretching away to either side. The top of the ridge was hidden in cloud and we feared that we would not find a break which would allow us to cross. We were flying into the sun and the cloud seemed blinding white and impervious, the jungle almost black by contrast. A gap appeared and we altered course. ‘Oh lucky day!’ announced our pilot ‘welcome to the lost valley of Imbak’.

Arkitrek – Everyday Junglists

Andrew Lo, Inaugural Arkitrekker

I have just returned from a 5 day expedition through Borneo’s finest rainforest… What a trip! The landscape is truly magnificent, the terrain is rough, rugged – physically and psychologically demanding, but the places I have been have made all the blood, sweat and cursing all the worth while.