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How to wipe your arse with your left hand

Squat toilet with bucket and scoop to wash your bum

Last week I wrote about capitalism, sustainability and holistic design. This week I’m writing about shit. More specifically: demystifying the process of wiping your arse with your left hand.

Fakta Fakta Kelemahan & Kelebihan Kayu Pokok Kelapa

Fakta Fakta Kelebihan dan Kelamahan Tiang Pokok Kelapa

Using coconut wood in construction of community based construction projects can be a sustainable choice but requires careful design and project management. In our Tinangol Community Centre we failed to continually inform and seek consent to use coconut wood throughout the 3 year construction process. We started off with full consent but practical blunders and protracted construction process eroded support to the point where the community insisted that all coconut posts be replaced with hardwood.

Arkitrek Sustainable Design Principles

Arkitrek Sustainable Design Standards

Arkitrek practices holistic design for the benefit of people and nature. Our work overlaps with international sustainability standards for buildings, but it’s not always a close match. This article by Arkitrek founder Ian Hall describes Arkitrek’s current thinking on Sustainable Design and describes how some of Ian’s thinking on sustainability standards evolved.

Mantanani Groundwater

SGP GDF Mantanani Arkitrek Water Community Mapping Program

Arkitrek are embarking on an 18-month program to engage the community of Mantanani Island to measure and understand their freshwater resources. The program is funded by the UN Small Grants Program and will be run jointly with our long term partner on Mantanani; Camps International. Most importantly however, the program has the blessing of Albi, the sceptical and quick witted Headman of Mantanani.

The Arkitrek Manifesto – Our Progress So Far

Arkitrek 3 eggs

How we define our social objectives and how we measure the success of these has been the subject of long debate over the last year. We finally feel like we are getting somewhere. Here is the first draft of the Arkitrek Manifesto that seeks to outline who we are and what we stand for.