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Social Business

The key difference of a social business is what you do with the profits. This blog is a summary of what I’ve learned so far about setting up a social business and it goes into financial stuff that I’m only beginning to understand. It does not purport to be authoritative. Read on if you’re interested and if perhaps you have some advice to give.

Reclaimed Timber

By Ian Hall The row of dark brown circles on the timber in the photo above are where bolts used to hold together the structure of an industrial warehouse (below). Responsible specification of timber in building projects gives me a headache. Reclaimed timber seems to be one of the best options but it’s hardly a […]

Poring Micro-Hydro

Lupa Masa pico-hydro

Lupa Masa is going to be a carbon neutral destination in operation. This is possible thanks to the steep fast flowing streams that run off Mt Kinabalu. Last week our renewable energy consultants Era Wira were commissioning a 3kW low head micro hydro. The system is designed to use a high volume of water at a low head.

An open letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

The following is written by me friend and colleague, Cynthia. I endorse her views and recommend you read them because by chosing to mobilise around the issue of clean energy, Cynthia has shown how our shared values of environmental conservation, sustainable development and just government are being swept under the carpet in Malaysia.

Nuclear Powered Malaysia

By Ian Hall Nuclear Power has been in the Malaysian news recently after the government gave the go ahead for a nuclear power plant to begin operating from 2021 Environmentalists and NIMBY’s are usually vocal in their opposition to such announcements and indeed the Malaysia Nature Society has been debating the issue for some time […]