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Cultural Conditioning

I have had a number of air-conditioning related comments to my last blog post, so I feel the need to try to explain myself a bit better. The following critique could be aimed at any country and discusses cultural aspirations for the built environment.In many cases these aspirations lead to inappropriate use of materials and […]

Mengaris Tree

I was stripped down to my boxer shorts and with my bare hands was clawing great clods of mud out from under the wheel arch. Occasionally I would take a rest from cleaning and lie down in the shallow water to cool myself off. Even with the help of a second tow truck it had […]

Prof. Ho

When I first met Prof Ho Coy Choke he was hunched over his plate clumsily shoveling rice into his mouth. He spoke in a loud abrupt tone without looking up. Once his meal was finished he straightened up, slid a pair of heavy rimmed glasses onto his nose and transferred his attention to me. I […]


On the Arkitrek itself we had an architectural design brief to work to but in many ways this was secondary to the bigger picture that we were involved in: rainforest conservation, economics and sustainable forest management

Ripe Hairy Red Fruit

To get things moving I’ll publish an edited version of an email that I originally sent on 17 Oct 2004 * * * * * I knew when I took on this job that it would involve chopping down a few rainforest trees, the justification being that you’ve got to loose a few to save […]