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Arkitrek Handbook 2014 Download Avaliable

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Arkitrek’s Camps are a learning experience for everyone. During three months of intense designing and building, the Arkitrekkers leave having made many mistakes, even more successes and a huge body of knowledge about sustainable construction. The only problem is they often leave without sharing these lessons with the next set of Arkitrekkers. So last year […]

Arkitrek Guide to Working for Free

Would you like to know how to piss off your clients, lower the esteem of your company and ensure that your staff don’t stick around? Try working for free. Working for free can bite you on the bum, but like many animals with sharp teeth it can also give you a warm fluffy feeling. Here’s our guide to avoiding the teeth, learned painfully.

When the Architect Fails to Check the Engineer’s Drawings

Architect fails to check Engineer's drawings with embarrassing result

When the architect doesn’t check the engineer’s drawings this is what happens…

Fakta Fakta Kelemahan & Kelebihan Kayu Pokok Kelapa

Fakta Fakta Kelebihan dan Kelamahan Tiang Pokok Kelapa

Using coconut wood in construction of community based construction projects can be a sustainable choice but requires careful design and project management. In our Tinangol Community Centre we failed to continually inform and seek consent to use coconut wood throughout the 3 year construction process. We started off with full consent but practical blunders and protracted construction process eroded support to the point where the community insisted that all coconut posts be replaced with hardwood.

Not so much as a fart of Biogas

You will recall that we have been building a biogas digester at Camp Tinangol with Camps International. Reasons for the failure at Tinangol are due perhaps not surprisingly to poor workmanship. The body of the digester was not watertight and the fixed dome was not air tight.