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Arkitrek Leach Field

NSlider Nanga Sumpa Leach Field

Open source design drawing for a leach field as part of a sewage treatment system.

Arkitrek Works

Traditional Tools for Weaving Bamboo

Arkitrek Works sells bamboo weave building components that revive Sabah’s indigenous culture and protect natural resources. They also look rather nice:)

Ulu Papar Sustainable Livelihoods Programme

Ulu Papar Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre

Arkitrek programme to support sustainable livelihoods based on traditional skills and knowledge in Ulu Papar. Join our bamboo weave masterclasses, work with natural building materials & learn about sustainable design.

The Eureka Moment!

Bamboo joint detail for Lemaing Hugh Low Camp

Bringing new design ideas to traditional skills and local materials. Isabel Sandeman creates a bamboo joint, which epitomises the perfect collaboration between designer and builder.

Fakta Fakta Kelemahan & Kelebihan Kayu Pokok Kelapa

Fakta Fakta Kelebihan dan Kelamahan Tiang Pokok Kelapa

Using coconut wood in construction of community based construction projects can be a sustainable choice but requires careful design and project management. In our Tinangol Community Centre we failed to continually inform and seek consent to use coconut wood throughout the 3 year construction process. We started off with full consent but practical blunders and protracted construction process eroded support to the point where the community insisted that all coconut posts be replaced with hardwood.