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Bamboo Weaving at Buayan

Buayan Biocultural Centre Woven Bamboo Building Panels

This workshop began making woven bamboo building components for a Community Bio-cultural Heritage Centre at Buayan in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah. The workshop was coordinated by Arkitrek and Global Diversity Foundation.

Bongkud biocrete blocks

Bio-crete blocks experimental mixes for workability

Pressed bio-crete bricks as a low-carbon locally produced building material. This report by Safuan Azman looks at the workability of biocrete mixes produced in Bongkud, a rural village near Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. The experiment is funded by Camps International to develop locally appropriate green building materials.

First-Flush Diverter

How to make a first-flush diverter

How to make a first-flush diverter for a rainwater harvesting system

The Wonders of Bio-crete

The wonders of biocrete; rice husk:lime natural fibre composite concrete

Bio-crete is a low-carbon cement-like material made from lime and natural fibre. Using it can reduce or phase out the energy intensive and non-renewable quarrying for cement and mineral aggregates in favour of more sustainable alternatives. It also helps to passively regulate the internal environment of buildings.

Bamboo Weaving with the Murut

Traditional Tools for Weaving Bamboo

Rahim Mudin writes about a recent design workshop with the Murut community at Kampung Maligan, near Sipitang in the South of Sabah. The 3 days workshop focused on the production of woven bamboo panels for building construction.