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Cococrete Mixing Instructions

Coco-crete mixing instructions

Coco-crete is a low-carbon lime-based composite concrete. Arkitrek have been experimenting with a mix using; coconut coir, river sand, dry hydrated lime, portland cement & water. The following are instructions for mixing a 10:5:4:1 (coir:sand:lime:cement) by volume for a cast in-situ wall.


Gigantochloa levis (Poring Bamboo)

It is the biggest grass in the world, it is the food of panda, and the shoots taste really nice in stir-fry. This was really all I knew about bamboo before working in Sabah

Biodegradable Plastic?

Some plastics marked as ‘degradable’ might not be as environmentally-friendly as consumers think. The implications go beyond greenwashing. In our rush to damn plastic bags and bottles, environmentalists may have shot themselves in the foot because degradable plastic can compromise plastic recycling.

Greenwashing Case Study 1

“I have ascertained that my product could not meet your requirement of biodegradable as they are not made of organic ingredients. However, we can claim that it is environmental friendly where it doesn’t emit harmful substance to the environment.”