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Bye Bye Billy

Arkitrek Volunteer, Billy Dunn at Sepilok

Arkitrek’s first volunteer Billy arrived in September 2009 for a three month stint working at the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC). Originally due to go home at Christmas, the bears got their claws into Billy and he ended up staying an extra two months. Finally though the day came when we had to say […]

Arkitrek Birthday Party

Photos by Evangeline Majawat A good crowd turned up at Kampung Kipouvo last weekend to help Arkitrek celebrate it’s official one year birthday. The event was organised by Kipouvo Community Homestay to feature a hazardous blend of sporting endeavour both on the pitch and around the rice wine vat. These are Kadazan people after all. […]

The Tower to The Memory of a Tree

This structure of the strangler figs is clearly legible – in architectural jargon it could be called celebrated. It occurs out of a sequence of growth. In a dynamic and dramatic display over time the host tree is finally broken in several places, crushed, twisted and sometimes left hanging in a cathedral like arrangement of root columns. At the end of the fig tree’s story is a strong, tall structure of an ex epiphyte. But what is also left standing is the imprint of a tree, a hollow space that echoes of the past.

Builders: Britain vs. Malaysia

In order to give my own unique view so far on Sabah that would provide something a bit light-hearted to think about, I have decided to write about a topic I experience everyday…builders. I’m going to compare the general rules and stereotypical habits of builders in the UK to the builders here.