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Hunting with the Dusun

Kg. Buayan Panorama, Crocker Range, Sabah

Hunting with the Dusun – a modern tale of an old-fashioned adventure. Thomas Henderson-Schwartz reflects on a crowning experience of his 8-month internship with Arkitrek: going wild boar hunting and snaring himself a poignant memory of the rainforest.

The Arkitrek II

Imbak Rangers resting en-route to survey the site for the Kapur Research Station

Here I was, in the Malaysian jungle, treating the trek like a project to complete, self-conscious of my slowness, unhappy to be exhausted from the inundations of a most holy place. At least the awe of the place didn’t elude me – even if I was angry, I was angry in awe. That’s how powerful the jungle spirit is.

The Arkitrek Retreat

Arkitrek retreat at Lupa Masa

In true Arkitrekking fashion, Arkitrek trekked into the forest around Lupa Masa last week to “Forget Time, Think Arkitrek.”

Arkitrek – Everyday Junglists

Andrew Lo, Inaugural Arkitrekker

I have just returned from a 5 day expedition through Borneo’s finest rainforest… What a trip! The landscape is truly magnificent, the terrain is rough, rugged – physically and psychologically demanding, but the places I have been have made all the blood, sweat and cursing all the worth while.

Trekker Containment Solution

Andy Lo surveys the tree damage to Agathis Camp in Maliau Basin

As we were tucking into our dinner last night we were rudely interrupted by an extraordinarily loud crash. It scared the life out of Eda who immediately leapt into Jamil’s arms, thus confirming a point of gossip that Andy and I had been debating for some days. We continued munching our steamed fish for a few more moments before Andy voiced what I had been thinking.