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The Arkitrek Retreat

Arkitrek retreat at Lupa Masa

In true Arkitrekking fashion, Arkitrek trekked into the forest around Lupa Masa last week to “Forget Time, Think Arkitrek.”

Poring Micro-Hydro

Lupa Masa pico-hydro

Lupa Masa is going to be a carbon neutral destination in operation. This is possible thanks to the steep fast flowing streams that run off Mt Kinabalu. Last week our renewable energy consultants Era Wira were commissioning a 3kW low head micro hydro. The system is designed to use a high volume of water at a low head.

Lupa Masa

Lupa Masa rattan binding detail

The name for our jungle camp came after a few bottles of wine. Lupa Masa means ‘forget time’ and that’s what often happens at a new responsible tourism destination being built near Poring Hot Springs in Sabah.

The Architect Ponders

‘The architect ponders what went went wrong in comunications between the drawing board and the finished rainforest retreat.’

Lupa Masa Inception

Arkitrek are designing a jungle camp near Poring hot springs on Mt Kinabalu in Sabah. The project is to be built by the local fellas and aims to find a creative new expression for indigenous building forms and locally available materials. When complete the jungle camp will be used by voluntourists engaged in community and […]