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Why Design/Build?

Driftwood Logs and Mantanani Community Learning Centre

What does eating raw sea urchin have to do with architecture? Anna Nicholls, Sheffield University School of Architecture graduate explains.

Mantanani Mission

Nick Nearchou, Arkitrek Engineering Intern

By Nicholas Nearchou: Arriving into the Arkitrek office on my first day I really had no idea of the technical challenges confronting me during my internship in Sabah. After the initial briefing I was presented with the impossible Mantanani Kindergarten construction task.

Green Building; Mantanani Style

Green building mantanani style

Arkitrek’s Ian Hall will be talking to the Sabah Society on 4th January about ‘Green Building; Mantanani Style’

Mantanani Kindergarten Roof Goes Up

Mantanani Kindergarten Roof Goes Up

battling severe weather, Arkitrekkers Tan Zhen Ron and Nick Nearchou oversee the successfull raising of the roof on Mantanani Kindergarten. This landmark stage in the project was enabled by volunteers from Chevaliar College, New South Wales and as always, the whole construction operation is propped up with lashings of wry humour and hard work from Albi, Hashim and Jai of Camp Mantanani

Mantanani Basketcases

Mantanani Basketcases

In which we thank Huddersfield University student Michell Martin for her contribution to the Arkitrek Volunteer Program, specifically the design and build of the Mantanani Kindergarten