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Arkitrek Handbook 2014 Download Avaliable

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Arkitrek’s Camps are a learning experience for everyone. During three months of intense designing and building, the Arkitrekkers leave having made many mistakes, even more successes and a huge body of knowledge about sustainable construction. The only problem is they often leave without sharing these lessons with the next set of Arkitrekkers. So last year […]

Arkitrek Leach Field

NSlider Nanga Sumpa Leach Field

Open source design drawing for a leach field as part of a sewage treatment system.

Arkitrek Septic Tank Design

Arkitrek Septic Tank Open Source Design Drawing

The following drawing is for a brick septic tank, suitable for Population Equivalents (PE) up to 50 people. Remember that a septic tank should always be considered as only the first stage in the sewage treatment process.

First-Flush Diverter

How to make a first-flush diverter

How to make a first-flush diverter for a rainwater harvesting system