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Batu Batu Reef & Islands Study Centre

BRISC Design Concepts overlay

Batu Batu Reef and Island Study Centre (BRISC) is a link between beach tourism and marine conservation, in this case facilitated by the partnership between Batu Batu Resort and Wild Asia. Arkitrek has teamed up with architect Leong Seng Kheong to design the centre buildings and infrastructure.

Semai Sayang

Semai Sayang (to sow love) is a social enterprise where an animal friendly retreat, dog lodging and durian orchard will subsidise animal welfare advocacy and the use of specially trained animals for therapy and companionship. Arkitrek worked on the design brief and masterplan for the 14 acre site near Bentong in Pahang, Malaysia. We had […]

Borneo Rhinoceros Conservation

The Sumatran Rinoceros in Borneo may be an evolutionary anachronism. Certainly the population is in steady decline. Without some kind of intervention it seems certain that their decline will be terminal. An obvious last ditch conservation effort is to capture the fragmented population and put them together in one place in the hope that they will breed.