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The Salt of The Earth

NSlider Sophia Cambodia

Salt of the earth, By Sophia Rowena Recently, during Arkitrek’s retreat/team building exercise in Pulau Maliangin all of us were given a topic; “What Arkitrek means to me”. Before the trip, I pondered “what Arkitrek means to me,” and then a story popped up into my mind, a story about the importance of salt that […]

Arkitrek Office Retreat, 2014

Arkitrek Office

With far too much work and not enough time on beaches, the Arkitrek office uprooted to Maliangin Island for a 3 day retreat. The objective; to discuss Arkitrek marketing, business development and to strengthen office bonds. Here’s how it went… (Sadly, we were missing Rahim, who had commitments in KK)

The Arkitrek Retreat

Arkitrek retreat at Lupa Masa

In true Arkitrekking fashion, Arkitrek trekked into the forest around Lupa Masa last week to “Forget Time, Think Arkitrek.”

Ian Hall

Ian Hall, Arkitrek Founder and Director

Ian prefers to work and play in the outdoors and the founding of Arkitrek has embodied his passion for conservation of nature and wild places into a unique architectural practice.

Sarah Greenlees

Sarah Greenlees, University of Dundee, Architectural Assistant at Arkitrek

Not one to be scared of overstaying her welcome, Sarah came to Sabah in 2009 for a 3-month internship with Arkitrek and has been around ever since.