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Indicators of Social Impact in Architectural Practice

Borneo Rainforest Lodge, design by Arkitrek.

If you are an organisation with a stated social objective, then it’s reasonable to be asked to report how effective you are at meeting your objective. In a previous article we looked at some indicators that Arkitrek uses to report social impacts in architectural design. This article looks at the social impacts of how we […]

My Sabbatical by Sarah Greenlees

Sarah Greenlees, Arkitrek Volunteer on Mantanani Island

“So, is Arkitrek shut down?” people keep asking me; “No, we planned to close when Ian and I left Sabah, but then Filzah offered to become Practice Principal and carry forward the company. We are still very much open!” “So, what is the Arkitrek Sabbatical all about?” “Re-structure” Without Ian and me, the company needs […]

Everyone seems like they have been choreographed

Japan sketch by Nurfilzah Jamjam

“Everyone seems like they have been choreographed” Nurfilzah Jamjam reflects on a knowledge exchange trip to Japan with villagers from Kg. Buayan, Sabah and hosted by the Dissolva group at Tokyo’s Gakushuin University.

My Sabbatical by Filzah Jamjam

Arkitrek Principal, Filzah Jamjam is kinda on Sabbatical

In the second article of this series: Arkitrek Principal, Filzah Jamjam, talks about what it’s like to be the caretaker for Arkitrek during the Arkitrek sabbatical year.

My Sabbatical by Ian Hall

Arkitrek founder Ian Hall is on sabbatical.

2016 is the year of the Arkitrek Sabbatical and we’ll be publishing a series of articles by Arkitrekkers explaining what the sabbatical means to them. Arkitrek founder, Ian Hall, kicks us off.