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Ian Hall

Ian Hall, Arkitrek Founder and Director

Ian prefers to work and play in the outdoors and the founding of Arkitrek has embodied his passion for conservation of nature and wild places into a unique architectural practice.

Sarah Greenlees

Sarah Greenlees, University of Dundee, Architectural Assistant at Arkitrek

Not one to be scared of overstaying her welcome, Sarah came to Sabah in 2009 for a 3-month internship with Arkitrek and has been around ever since.

Tan Zhen Ron

Tan Zhen Ron, Architectural Assistant (Part I)

Zhen Ron considers himself a lucky chap to be able to participate in Arkitrek especially in this crucial departure point for both Zhen Ron in the starting of his career and for Arkitrek as well. He is a ‘thirsty beast’ who . . .

Rahim Bin Mudin

Rahim Bin Mudin pictured near Muaya Waterfall

Working at Arkitrek, Rahim is very excited to equally share his knowledge and experience to the locals like Mantanani islanders and Murut community in the Ulu Maligan in promoting their cultural and artistry values.

Sophia R. Marcus

Sophia R. Marcus, Office Manager, Arkitrek

Sophia believes that all work and no play makes anyone a dull person. She is on a mission to balance work and play at Arkitrek in order to keep everyone motivated and make life better.