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How to stay buff on rice and cabbage


Joining the SAFE project and worried about staying buff in the jungle camp? Do not fear, a fully functional gym with all you need is already installed!

Kate Neilsen Blog

Arkitrek Intern, Kate Neilsen, in her site office at the SAFE Project, Kalabakan, Sabah.

Arkitrek intern, Kate Neilsen reflects on her 6-months spent designing and building with communities and in the rainforest of Borneo.

Arkitrek Camp S.A.F.E

Arkitrek Camp Malua team photo

Arkitrek Camp design/build program in July-August 2013. Design and build a powerhouse for renewable energy systems at the SAFE Project field centre in Sabah Malaysia.

The Best Thing About Malua

Malua Field Centre

Arkitrek Camp participant Jonathan Livesey on the best thing about a design-build project in the rainforest

Malua Base Camp

Laboratory renovation at Malua Base Camp

Architecture students test innovative construction techniques using natural sustainable building materials on a small design-build project in Sabah.