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Indicators of Social Impact in Architectural Practice

Borneo Rainforest Lodge, design by Arkitrek.

If you are an organisation with a stated social objective, then it’s reasonable to be asked to report how effective you are at meeting your objective. In a previous article we looked at some indicators that Arkitrek uses to report social impacts in architectural design. This article looks at the social impacts of how we […]

Indicators of Social Impact in Architectural Design

Social Impact of Architectural Design

You can get a Malaysian Green Building Index (GBI) rating for developments that promote social inequality. Can sustainable building standards do better than this and if so, what would this look like? This article proposes six indicators of social impact from architectural design

The Salt of The Earth

NSlider Sophia Cambodia

Salt of the earth, By Sophia Rowena Recently, during Arkitrek’s retreat/team building exercise in Pulau Maliangin all of us were given a topic; “What Arkitrek means to me”. Before the trip, I pondered “what Arkitrek means to me,” and then a story popped up into my mind, a story about the importance of salt that […]

Arkitrek Office Retreat, 2014

Arkitrek Office

With far too much work and not enough time on beaches, the Arkitrek office uprooted to Maliangin Island for a 3 day retreat. The objective; to discuss Arkitrek marketing, business development and to strengthen office bonds. Here’s how it went… (Sadly, we were missing Rahim, who had commitments in KK)

Arkitrek Guide to Working for Free

Would you like to know how to piss off your clients, lower the esteem of your company and ensure that your staff don’t stick around? Try working for free. Working for free can bite you on the bum, but like many animals with sharp teeth it can also give you a warm fluffy feeling. Here’s our guide to avoiding the teeth, learned painfully.