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A Reluctant Businessman

Arkitrek founder, Ian Hall, found business inspiration in Yvon Choinard’s book, ‘let my people go surfing’.

Arkitrek founder Ian Hall never set out to become a business man and capitalist but in doing so he has been inspired by some big hairy ass thinkers: from Yvon Choinard to Tim Jackson, Janine M Benyus and Paul Hawken.

The Nitty-gritty of Social Enterprise

Arkitrek 3 eggs

Arkitrek has modified its corporate structure to formalise our claim to be a Social Enterprise. To our knowledge there is no precedent for this in Malaysia, so although we don’t know if what we’ve done is the right thing, we’ve made a bloody good go of it…

The Arkitrek Retreat

Arkitrek retreat at Lupa Masa

In true Arkitrekking fashion, Arkitrek trekked into the forest around Lupa Masa last week to “Forget Time, Think Arkitrek.”

The Arkitrek Manifesto – Our Progress So Far

Arkitrek 3 eggs

How we define our social objectives and how we measure the success of these has been the subject of long debate over the last year. We finally feel like we are getting somewhere. Here is the first draft of the Arkitrek Manifesto that seeks to outline who we are and what we stand for.