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Writing an Employer Reference

All volunteers, interns, Arkitrek Camp participants, or arkitrekkers to give them their collective term, are entitled to an employer reference at the end of their stint with Arkitrek. The following is a guideline for supervisors/facilitators to write an employer reference.

Maliau Basin Bird-watching

Text by Peter Stevens Photos by Ian Hall INTRODUCTION From November 7th to 15th 2005, I had the opportunity to trek and bird watch in the Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia. I was accompanied on the trip by Ian Hall, who at that time was working with Yayasan Sabah as a volunteer architect to […]

MNS at Royal Belum

I had heard of the Save Belum-Temengor Postcard Campaign but had no idea where Belum-Temengor was. An invitation to join the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Bird Group trip to Belum was a great incentive to find out more. The sum of my knowledge was that MNS had successfully motivated the Malaysian public to lobby the […]

Imbak Bird-Watching

Photo: John and Jemi Holmes The idea of a bird-watching trip to Imbak began in 2004 when Peter Stevens and I were working there with Raleigh International. Significantly this was also the occasion when I realised I was on the slippery slope to becoming a bird-watcher. I remember we were barely 50 paces out of […]

Mt Kinabalu Melangkap Route

‘There’s a new route from Kampung Melangkap’ said Jasirin my mountain guide friend. My interest was piqued immediately ‘Have many people done it?’ I enquired ‘Yes lots’ he replied. I was deflated. ‘But only villagers’ he added. My imagination took off again and for some reason the word Melangkap got caught in the mesh of […]