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‘When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.’ – Benjamin Franklin

alternative livelihoods support groundwater conservation

By Juliana Tang Some weekends ago on Mantanani island, Arkitrek organized and hosted a knowledge exchange weekend among three island communities from around Sabah. The three were from Omadal island off Semporna, Maliangin island off Kudat and of course, the community of Mantanani itself. The main objectives of this weekend were to strengthen conservation initiatives […]

How to wipe your arse with your left hand

Squat toilet with bucket and scoop to wash your bum

Last week I wrote about capitalism, sustainability and holistic design. This week I’m writing about shit. More specifically: demystifying the process of wiping your arse with your left hand.

Arkitrek Septic Tank Design

Arkitrek Septic Tank Open Source Design Drawing

The following drawing is for a brick septic tank, suitable for Population Equivalents (PE) up to 50 people. Remember that a septic tank should always be considered as only the first stage in the sewage treatment process.

First-Flush Diverter

How to make a first-flush diverter

How to make a first-flush diverter for a rainwater harvesting system

Mantanani Groundwater

SGP GDF Mantanani Arkitrek Water Community Mapping Program

Arkitrek are embarking on an 18-month program to engage the community of Mantanani Island to measure and understand their freshwater resources. The program is funded by the UN Small Grants Program and will be run jointly with our long term partner on Mantanani; Camps International. Most importantly however, the program has the blessing of Albi, the sceptical and quick witted Headman of Mantanani.