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Poop 2, The Sequel.

By Rory View original post on the Camps International Project Blog Following on from my last post about the Bio Gas collector (Human waste is where its at), I want to now run you through our progress to date. Before I do that below is a sketch drawing of whats involved in the construction. Basically […]

Human waste is where its at!!

It’s true – human waste is where its at! Its the future you know – dont need any of this extracting gas and oil from the centre of the earth with all its associated detrimental environmental effects – just use what you flush away every day.

Sustainable Design Mantanani-style

We can always come up with wonderful ideas for sustainable buildings but if the locals can’t build and maintain it then it’s not sustainable. Our main objective was to get a camp manager’s house built and the best way to get this done quickly was to let the villagers build it using their own technology.

Biogas Collector

I find myself getting deeper into the shit. I’m not sure how it happened but I have become interested in biogas collectors. This is a device used to collect the biogas (mostly methane) which is emitted when biological waste is digested by bacteria. Arkitrek is working with Camps International to build a demonstration biogas collector at a longhouse near Kudat in northern Sabah.

Septic Tank Guide (archived)

Information on this page is out of date and has been kept as a record only. The new updated Septic Tank Guide can be found here. ***** A few people have asked me recently ‘what do I know about septic tanks?’, which made me realise that I know very little. To date my contribution to […]