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Arkitrek 2015 Highlights

Highlights of 2015! Scroll down for some major Flashbacks!! Projects The finished building of the Tinangol Kindergarten early this year. Time Capsule designed by our intern Chris for the Sabah Forestry Department is complete! The Mantanani Groundwater research is completed and results show that the level of sustainable water and water in the reservoir is […]

Bambooing in Buayan

Bambooing in Buayan

The mysteries behind making those beautiful bamboo baskets, the solid structures of bamboo slats and those sturdy bamboo furnitures was unravelled in just 5 wonderful days…

Ulu Papar Sustainable Livelihoods Programme

Ulu Papar Bio-Cultural Heritage Centre

Arkitrek programme to support sustainable livelihoods based on traditional skills and knowledge in Ulu Papar. Join our bamboo weave masterclasses, work with natural building materials & learn about sustainable design.

Ulu Papar Earthbag Masterclass

Malua Earthbag

This masterclass will teach you how to work with natural building materials: earth and bamboo to create solid sculptural walls and beautiful light-filled breezy buildings.

Ulu Papar Bamboo Masterclass


This masterclass will teach you how to select and collect bamboo and how to preserve and shape it into a unique and beautiful peice of furniture. Your masterclass will take place in Kampung Buayan: in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah in the heart of the Crocker Range national park.