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Buayan Work Week


The last month has seen significant progress on construction of the Buayan Bio-cultural Heritage Centre, helped recently by 6 Work Week volunteers from around Malaysia.

Arkitrek at WOMAD

Arkitrek at Roots Architecture Workshop (RAW4) at WOMAD Festival

An Arkitrek team were invited to design and build a piece of playful architecture at the WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) Festival. This, the 4th such Roots Architecture Workshop (RAW4) was organised by Tangentfield.

Bamboo Weaving at Buayan

Buayan Biocultural Centre Woven Bamboo Building Panels

This workshop began making woven bamboo building components for a Community Bio-cultural Heritage Centre at Buayan in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah. The workshop was coordinated by Arkitrek and Global Diversity Foundation.

Mantanani Groundwater

SGP GDF Mantanani Arkitrek Water Community Mapping Program

Arkitrek are embarking on an 18-month program to engage the community of Mantanani Island to measure and understand their freshwater resources. The program is funded by the UN Small Grants Program and will be run jointly with our long term partner on Mantanani; Camps International. Most importantly however, the program has the blessing of Albi, the sceptical and quick witted Headman of Mantanani.

YouthPark Design Workshop

Youth participatory design & architecture workshop

Brunei; March 5th – 7th 2013. Arkitrek run a participatory design workshop “by the youth, for the youth” to design a YouthPark developing the ideas of students from Nakhoda Ragam Vocational School, University Brunei Darussalam and the Institute Technology Brunei.