Eoghan Hoare

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Eoghan Hoare

Eoghan made a huge contribution to Tinangol Kindergarten and Mantanani CLC, coming up with the idea of bamboo woven panels as a fa├žade system and having exacting standards when it comes to casting concrete. He and his girlfriend Deborah became a central part of village life in both camps, setting up a salon on their balcony that acted as a hang out for the local youth.

Read Eoghan’s commentary on the cross-cultural experience of living and working with a Rungus community in the tip of Borneo here


“I spent four months working for Arkitrek based in Sabah, Borneo. This is a company established by a former Dundee student of architecture. Here I developed project management skills and further enhanced my design skills with a emphasis towards sustainability and responsive design in underprivileged rural communities.”

Year of Inauguration: 2010
Project Placement: Camp Borneo
School: University of Dundee

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