Meet the Gumantung Team

by | October 27th, 2015 | Arkitrek Camp | No Comments

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During Arkitrek’s ‘The Gathering Place’ camp, we met and befriended the most enthusiastic and lively bunch of guys up at Gumantung. It didn’t take long for our group and these young men to get acquainted and form a friendship. This is probably one of the most remarkable things about being in Arkitrek- To be able to witness how these friendships are created. It began with a group of architect/design students and professionals from the other side of the world and a group of local village boys coming together to build and just like that, barriers were broken and different worlds merged.

The following is an exhibition piece by Daniel Lam: his reflection of our time at Gumantung. This post is dedicated to our Gumantung Team who made ‘The Gathering Place’ project incredibly worthwhile for us!

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