Imbak Canyon Tampoi Basecamp

Client: Imnbak Canyon Conservation Area
Project: Tampoi Base Camp
Role: Design/Build Coordinator
Status: Completed October 2005
Design Team: Ian Hall, Raleigh International Volunteers, ICCA Staff

Tampoi Basecamp at Imbak Canyon Conservation Area

Arkitrek’s third design/build, after the Kg. Tiong Kindergarten and Mengaris Camping Site. Imbak Canyon Conservation Area was gazetted in 2004 following a scientific expedition. Tampoi Basecamp was the first permanent structure to be built, near the entrance to the Canyon. It serves as a ranger base and research station and to accommodate those early intrepid tourists. Arkitrek founder Ian Hall personally set out the buildings and ordered the first trees to be cut, a serious responsibility.

There are three buildings: Ranger Quarters, Visitor Quarters and a Dining Room. The building design and construction was a collaboration between Ian Hall, Raleigh Volunteers and ICCA Staff and was completed over the course of two Raleigh expeditions in 2005.

Ranger Quarters at Tampoi Basecamp
Ian Hall with Imbak Rangers