Lupa Masa

Client: Lupa Masa Jungle Camp
Project: Jungle Camp, by Poring Hot Springs, Mt Kinabalu
Role: Lead Design Consultant
Status: Due for completion in 2011
Design Team: Ian Hall and Sarah Greenlees

Lupa Masa demi-sulap

Lupa Masa rotal binding

The name for our jungle camp came after a few bottles of wine. Reclining on siliu bamboo floor under a sheet of tarpaulin we bandied ideas around. Lupa Masa means forget time; get up when it gets light, rest when it gets hot and bathe in the
cool evening when the six-o-clock cicada starts to call.

The architectural detailing is not prescriptive but adaptive. That’s how we’ve ended up with various patterns of rattan bound joints, bamboo slats and siliu bamboo fl oors. Siliu is the local name for split bamboo mat.

Lupa Masa is carbon neutral in operation. This is possible thanks to a steep fast flowing stream from Mt Kinabalu which drives a 3kW pico-hydro power plant. Main building materials are bamboo and stone rubble, both sourced on or near the site.

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