Ulu Papar Bio-cultural Heritage Centre

Client: Ulu Papar Community
Project: Community Bio-cultural Heritage Centre
Role: Design and Construction Management
Status: Completed August 2014
Design Team: Ian Hall, Thomas Henderson-Schwartz, Lewis Kelly, Nur Filzah Jamjam, Nadhira Halim, Cathy Yarwood, Hayden White, Jake Warrington, James McConville, Kevin Loftus, Maisie Williams, Marie Mutl, Mark Thomson, Murray Christian Talbot, Nina Cutler, Olle Knutsson Blomquist, Robert John Hebblethwaite and Samya Kako.

Ulu Papar Bio-cultural Heritage Centre

The centre will act as an information and activity hub for community-based conservation and environmental education for the people of Ulu Papar as well as for visiting groups such as students, field researchers and tourists.

The Bio-cultural Centre will be integral to the preservation of local knowledge as well as enabling the communities to enhance their livelihoods and confidence to establish Ulu Papar as an important site for the protection and promotion of bio-cultural heritage in Sabah.

The building includes performance space, workshop, office, gong playing area, kitchen, wash rooms, and waste water treatment system. It was built by Arkitrek volunteers and the local community.

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