Sarah Greenlees

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Sarah Greenlees, University of Dundee, Architectural Assistant at Arkitrek

Not one to be scared of overstaying her welcome, Sarah came to Sabah in 2009 for a 3-month internship with Arkitrek and has been around ever since.

Sarah graduated from Dundee University in 2009 and spent her internship in the jungle at Borneo Rainforest Lodge. Here the jungle took hold and with it a fascination of snakes and creepy crawlies, birds and trees. Design wise, the vague concept of sustainable design promoted at university became a reality and the importance all the more pressing in an environment that felt as vulnerable as it was old.

Always having shied away from any kind of business talk with a sense of almost communist revulsion, Sarah has become adapt at wading through the long and extended conversations on social enterprise, trying to make sense of it all.

Sarah co- facilitated the first Arkitrek camp and is looking forward to the subsequent ones. The dislike she had of group work at university makes her want to facilitate great group workshops where everyone’s ideas are brought together.

Sarah is pretty happy with her life in Sabah and only infrequently misses Glasgow’s gigs and days spent in long scarves and berets in art galleries and second hand bookshops.

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