Sketchbook of an Arkitrek Intern

by | July 14th, 2014 | Arkitrek Camp, Arkitrek Interns, SAFE Project | One Comment

Part 1, Life on Site

What is life like for an Arkitrek intern? Simon Feather, who lived in the forest and worked on the SAFE Project for nearly a year, created a gym which he wrote about in his blogpost ‘How to Stay Buff on Rice and Cabbage’ . He also kept a series of meticulous sketchbooks. This sketchbook records the design development that Simon contributed to the field lab at SAFE, as well as his process of understanding the natural building materials that Arkitrek works with.

One Comment for Sketchbook of an Arkitrek Intern

Tom HS

Awesome sketches – I wish I could be so exact! Did you use a ruler for any of these Simon? Some of the perspectives have remarkably straight lines.


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