Tinangol Kindergarten progress

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volunteers build community kindergarten

Progress Report 3 – 11 July 2012
by Lewis Kelly

School Groups 1& 2. The first and second summer school teams arrived on the 4th & 8th July and over the next 6 days they worked in different teams on the kindergarten site and on the local drainage project. The kindergarten teams worked on the front stair columns, the first floor walling, the coconut test wall, termite painting and coconut collecting/fibre harvesting.

Work went smoothly and there was some great teamwork, especially in the first group. Some problems were encountered with filling the first column with concrete (leak holes in formwork) but we improved our method for the other three.

Coconut Fibre Processing

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3 Comments for Tinangol Kindergarten progress


Wow, tinangol is looking awesome. I was working on this project for a month in January 2011 so Glad its all coming together. Good work to everyone envolved.



Ta Arkitrek Team for supervising our school group in early July. I hope they worked well for you. Enjoyed the pictures of everyone working.


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