Ulu Papar Bamboo Masterclass

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Applications for this masterclass are now closed

Bamboo is a beautiful, sustainable and versatile material. Learn about it through a 6-day masterclass with Dusun artisan craftsmen as your expert guides. The class will take place in Kampung Buayan: at the heart of Sabah’s Crocker Range. You will learn how to harvest, treat and then join, shape and create beautiful furniture.

Take home your own stool or create a bespoke piece of furniture to be used in a new Bio-cultural Heritage Centre, currently under construction in Kg. Buayan. This is a fantastic opportunity for anybody interested in crafts, design and the unique culture of the Dusun tribe.


25th January – 1st February 2014


The cost of MYR1,200 includes masterclass, transfers and full-board accommodation. All profits go to construction of the Bio-cultural Heritage Centre


The masterclass will teach you how to select and collect bamboo and how to preserve and shape it into a unique and beautiful peice of furniture. Your masterclass will take place in Kampung Buayan: in the Ulu Papar region of Sabah in the heart of the Crocker Range national park.

Background to the programme

The last 10 years has been a time of great change for the village, with restrictions on the use of the forest and planned proposals for the Kaiduan Dam, which would flood the homes of everyone in the valley. The Bio-cultural Centre will act as a space for community research into areas of cultural and environmental importance to the peoples of Ulu Papar, strengthening their culture and livelihoods.

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i wish i can attend. but i’m having once a year Chinese New Year during that time. 🙁 anyway will join if there’s any project held like this again.. wish the best! 🙂



    Hi, gussie. We planned the masterclass over the holiday period to make it easier to take a week off. There will be another masterclass at the end of February. Details to be announced soon.


How often you guys have this masterclass? Working can be hard to find time to attend this. Really want to get my hands into bamboo construction.



    This specific masterclass is a one off- but it should form part of a monthly masterclass series on a variety of different topics including things like earthbag construction, sustainable sewage systems and probably more bamboo related workshops. Let us know what you are interested in and what sort of time of the month is good for you and we will try and arrange towards popular interests and convenient times.

Irene Albert

Hi, I am a local Dusun. The ULU Papar can be access through our district also (Tambunan) but of cos’ by foot. I am interested in this bammboo craft since I was young. I know a little bit of craft work (traditional basket and matt) but I am keen to learn on the making of blind and commercial matt (like Taiwans and Philipines)

And of cos to the extend of house furnitures.




Sounds like something that will be real useful in the long term as lots of bamboo grow where I live. Three days from now is a bit too sudden to decide & make preparations. Please keep me informed of future bamboo masterclasses, thank you!


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